( served with mixed veggie & side of jasmine rice )

Crispy duck                                                         
~ roasted & lightly fried half boneless duck.  served with choice of panang curry or sweet & sour sauce.
Soft shell crab                                                
~ lightly battered & fried soft shell crab.  served with choice of green curry or panang curry.

Fillet of chicken                                                
~ lightly battered & fried chicken breast.  served with choice of panang curry or chili sauce.
Fillet of grouper                                                
~ lightly battered & fried fillet of grouper.  served with choice of ginger sauce or sweet & sour sauce.  

Fillet of salmon                                              
~ grilled fillet of salmon.  served with choice of garlic sauce or chili sauce.

Grilled shrimp                                                

~ grilled  shrimp.  served with choice of green curry or chili sauce.


~ lightly battered & fried eggplant.  served with choice of panang curry or peanut sauce.

  • each dish prepared mild or not spicy.  if medium, spicy, very spicy or thai spicy preferred, please specify your server.










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